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Multiculturalism in America

Will the Progressives’ promotion of Multiculturalism in America lead to an eventual Balkanization of the nation (at least “culturally” and politically)?

At what point does “diversity” (differences) become adversity (conflict) within the whole?  Logic dictates that too much diversity within a system will eventually cause disunity.

The cultural assimilation of immigrants who arrived in America in the first half of the 2oth Century helped create a more innovative and vibrant America. More importantly, their assimilation into mainstream American culture—and into the middle class—was generally accomplished within one or two generations.  My grandparents were such immigrants.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do;
when you immigrate to America do as Americans do.”

“Multiculturalism”—as it’s being promoted by Progressives in America—is the antithesis of “melting pot” assimilation. At the core of this unwise public policy is an unholy pairing of the progressive philosophy of moral-and-cultural relativism with the ambitions of power-hungry, vote-farming politicians.

In practice, “Progressive Multiculturalism” (pseudo Cultural Pluralism) results in pervasive ethnic clumping, identity politics, social incohesion, hyphenated Americanism, and perpetual social conflict.

Far from uniting “us” as a  People, the Progressive tenet of Multiculturalism has created a cultural apartheid in America (“separate-but-equal”sub-cultures).  Our nation has become a house divided against itself: it’s a loose conglomerate of squabbling, disparate sub-cultures.

In any discussion of Multiculturalism (in America) it’s important to note that: culture is not the same as race; Pop Culture does not have the legitimacy or gravitas that established culture does; and it should be obvious—from an evolutionary and historical viewpoint—that “all” cultures are NOT equal to one another.

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”

Andrew Klavan humorously explains the underlying concepts of “multiculturalism”:

Mark Steyn defly describes the folly of “Multiculturalists”

Paul Weston speaks-out against multiculturalism in the UK:

Martin Willett deftly explains the difference between Assimilation and Multiculturalism:

Mark Steyn is interviewed about his stance on Multiculturalism


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