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The New World Order (NWO)

The NWO  Green Version   Red Version   Davos Men   Pan-Islamism   Zeitgeisters


At different periods in history, the phrase “New World Order” (NWO) has been used by many famous people. In the last 100 years alone, Woodrow Wilson, Adolph Hitler, FDR, Winston Churchill, George H. W. Bush, and Tony Blair (just to name a few) have all used the phrase. Were they all referring to the same thing?

Typically, whenever a politician has used the phrase in a speech, there was also an implication that the “current” world order wasn’t “working” too well (or was “undesirable”)–and hence, there was a need for a new one.

So, what IS a “world order”, anyway? And what is The New World Order

In order to accurately answer these questions, perhaps we should dissect the phrase, itself. 

The wording implies three things:

  • that there is (or was) an “old” world order

  • that the (entire) world is “ordered” by a single principle or authority

  • that the singularity that “orders” the world is “mutable

I submit that the only legitimate principle that governs the entire world (including its inhabitants) is the Natural Order of the Universe.  Even Homo Arrogantus (arrogant man) is subject to the laws of nature—and the Nature of Man.

It’s in the nature of fish to swim; in the nature of birds to fly; in the nature of horses to run; in the nature of lions to hunt; and in the nature of humans to…well…”act” like humans.

All the world’s animals (except for Man) live in the state of nature: Birds don’t create laws for themselves about how and when to migrate; fish don’t legislate swimming and spawning rights; and lions don’t debate the morality of continuing to eat meat. They all simply do what is instinctual (natural) for them to do.  Only Man creates governments to try and “regulate” his own instinctual nature: which is to survive by the Law of the Jungle.

“power tends to corrupt; and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”

Moreover, because we are human, our human governments also become corrupt when they have too much power. The United Nations is now the embodiment of this corruption principle.

So, what IS the “natural” and “normal” behavior of human beings?

It all depends upon who you ask—and what one means by “human.”

One problem with trying to define normal (or natural) behavior in “humans” is that what is collectively referred to as “Humanity” is very diverse in its phenotypes:

Phenotypes result from the expression of an organism’s genes as well as the influence of environmental factors and the interactions between the two.

The genotype of an organism is the inherited instructions it carries within its genetic code. Not all organisms with the same genotype look or act the same way because appearance and behavior are modified by environmental and developmental conditions. Likewise, not all organisms that look alike necessarily have the same genotype.

 [what this all has to do with “World Order” will be explained, shortly]


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