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Black Nationalism, Afro-Centrism and Pan-Africanism

See Also:  RACISM Main Page    Brown Racism

Collective narcissism is characterized by the members of a group holding an inflated view of their ingroup. It is important to note that collective narcissism can be exhibited by an individual on behalf of a group or by a group as a whole. Fundamentally, however, collective narcissism always has some tie to the individuals who make up a narcissistic group. Collectively-narcissistic groups require—just as an individual narcissist requires—external validation.*”

[*…which false prophets and group-identity politicians gladly supply]

Moorish Science Temple

The mythology of the “Nation of Islam” <—video

Below: A hilarious mockumentary about an African ethnologist’s study of “the Eastern Alpine tribes of Central Europe.”  This well-done parody illustrates the tendency for everyone to view the world from their own cultural view.  Some of the best humor is towards the end of this clip; which is lengthy—but very entertaining.

I’d like to say that the video clip below is also a mockumentary, but I think it was intended to be regarded as a high-brow documentary on Black Supremacy:


BELOW: Modern DNA technology is finally able to test the genetic make-up of Ancient Egyptian mummies:


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