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Immigration policy in America and in The West

80% of the illegal aliens residing in the United States today come from Mexico, Central America, and Latin America;  60% of America’s illegal aliens come from Mexico, alone. Because America’s elected officials have continued to “allow” (and even encourage) this ongoing invasion of our country over the past 60 years, America’s social, cultural, political, and economic fabric has drastically changed.

Every year,  about 350,000 babies born in America have been spawned by an illegal alien.  As soon as each of those 350,000 anchor-baby citizens turns 18, they become eligible to vote.  Add to that the American-born offspring of amnestied illegal aliens from 1986 (and now, the Obama-amnestied criminals), and you can begin to see that America is being colonized.  Push “1” if you don’t.

Apparently, illegal aliens feel that they too are entitled to vote:

In the clip below, Martin J Willett reads Enoch Powell’s monumental “Rivers of Blood” speech (from 1968).  [If only the Brits would have listened to this brave and prophetic statesman!]

(click here for the full text of Enoch Powell’s prophetic speech)

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you brought me in…”:


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