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Culture War

Left vs Right

A decades-old culture war is raging once again in AmericaAt stake in this war are the Constitutional freedoms of American citizens, the future existence of the American Dream, and the continuance of American sovereignty.

The outcome of this war will determine whether future generations of Americans will enjoy the same Liberty, security, private property rights—and opportunity for economic advancement—that past generations of Americans have enjoyed…or if Americans will become sacrificial sheep for the New World Order.

FORWARD into the Pit of Progressivism

There are ideologically-deranged people in this country (as well as some elected politicians) who do not want America to remain a superpower.  Instead, they want to subjugate America’s sovereignty and prosperity to the authority of a world governing body: for the benefit of “the world collective.”    


The major combatants engaged in this CULTURE WAR are bolstered by either Leftist political ideology or Conservative political ideology.

(Conservative vs Liberal Beliefs)

TYPICAL STATEMENTS that echo Liberal Ideology:

Those individuals on The Left call themselves Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Modernists, or “Progressives.”  Those on The Right are called conservatives, “right-wingers”, nationalists, traditionalists, and “Tea Partiers.”

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2 Responses to “Culture War”

  1. Hi Lech it’s Hawkeyethegnu. I have found an interesting series of blogs on the Laurel Canyon music scene. There are 21 of them if you notice.
    All the facts are verifiable in one way or other. It is a very convincing read.

  2. I started listening to the first video clip, while I was also reading the text on that page. Some entertaining ideas about the coincidences of the cultural icons that either lived in, or had ties to, the Canyon. Back in the day, Laurel Canyon was almost as well known to the youth culture as Haight-Ashbury was. I knew that Jim Morrison’s dad had been military, but I didn’t know about Zappa’s father—and I was (and still am) a big Zappa fan.

    When I get time, I’ll have to peruse the rest of the clips and text.

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