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What is ISLAM?

ISLAM is a self-propagating, theocratic ideology that’s anchored to the belief that Mohammed (Muhammad, Mohamet) was the last true prophet of God (Allah); and that the indisputable Word of Allah was revealed to him—by the Angel Gabriel (Jibrīl)—over the course of 23 years. The first revelation supposedly occured in a cave near Mecca, around 610 AD.

Muslims believe that these revelations were “channeled” aloud by Mohammad, and were written down by his entourage (Sahabah). Following his death in 632 AD, Muslims believe that these dictated revelations were eventually consolidated into one official compilation known as the Holy Quran (Koran, Qur’an).

The content of the Quran—along with anecdotal and biographical texts about Mohammed’s life (known as the Sunnah and the Hadiths)—became the doctrinal source of Islamic religious Law known as Shariah.

Shariah encompasses—and determines “rules” for—every aspect of human activity, including: what to eat, what to wear, when to pray, when to fast, when to deceive, how to “properly” slaughter animals, how to deal with non-Muslims (Dhimmi and Kafir), the business of finance, and how to impose taxes.  Shariah also decrees how to punish apostates, sinners, and disobedient womenShariah Law is the totalitarian aspect of the Islamic paradigm.

What does the term ISLAMIZATION mean?

ISLAMIZATION is the transformation of a regional area into an Islamic state. In essence, an Islamic state is any nation whose population (Muslim or non-Muslim) is regulated by Sharia Law rather than previously established law. An example of Sharia Law is that it is a serious crime to blaspheme Allah—or Mohammed—or to leave the practice of Islam.

The self-propagating mandate of Islam is that believers should continually struggle to transform the entire world into a unified Islamic society.  The religious duty of Islamists to manifest such a society is called jihad.

Black Flag of Jihad

The Black Flag of Jihad

The word Jihad is commonly (mis)used by non-Muslims to describe the renewed focus—by some Muslims—to engage in violent, militant jihad; as is sanctioned in the founding tenets of Islam.  Early examples of militant jihad were the Muslim Conquests of the Middle Ages (now known as The First and Second Jihads).  More recent examples of militant jihad are the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the 9-11 Attack on America, the ongoing attacks on Israel, and the “Arab Spring” of 2011.

But “Jihad” is much more than just the “use of the sword” to establish Islamic domination.

For Muslims,  jihad is a fundamental religious mandate to manifest the expansion of the Ummah—and Dar al-Islam—by various means: including proselytization, propaganda, stealth jihad, and cultural invasion.


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