About Lech Dharma’s Worldview

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2 Responses to “About Lech Dharma’s Worldview”

  1. prayingforoneday said

    Please accept this Award
    The “Unique Leaves Award”
    If don’t accept Awards PLEASE! Pass this to someone who does.
    Please accept.

  2. prayingforoneday said

    Been on and off your site the past few days, some good stuff. Agenda 21 and NWO is right up my street.
    I will keep visiting, lots to learn here. Keep in mind. With me (Sadly) you are often, not always, but often speaking to pain and medication.
    I try to blog while not on medication, sometimes when replying I am medicated..

    Love the blog.
    Lots, in-fact too much to go through, but I will, 100%
    I don’t know it all, and never will, so you have a new visitor.
    There are few places to reply, either that I am going blind.
    We will go with the 2nd for now I hope.. lol

    Keep on Keeping on.
    People like you wake people up to the truths, the hard truths nobody wants to hear.


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