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Obamunism is a blend of fascism and cultural marxism

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Candidate Obama proclaimed to his supporters that he would fundamentally transform the United States of America; and—like the simple-minded sheeple that they are and were—his avid supporters simply read-into his campaign rhetoric whatever it was that they wanted to hear.

Some sheeple simply thought it would be “cool” to help elect “the first black President”: no matter his background or inexperience; or what he actually stood for. Utopian sheeple (who do not know how the real world works) envisioned an Obama-“transformed” America: where everyone would be “equal” and happy; and everyone would have high-paying jobs and free college education; and the world would no longer be subjected to armed conflict, “social injustice”, or natural Climate cycles. “KUMBAYA!”

He was The One that liberal journalist-activists and indoctrinated sheeple had been waiting for:  A Messiah for The Sheeple…

the Sheeple

So, an improperly-vetted “Barack Obama” was elected President; and supported by 2 years of a rubber-stamp, Democrat-controlled Congress, “OBAMUNISM” was born.

Obamunism is basically a marxist-based political philosophy that uses fascist economic policies and over-reaching Executive power to advance its goals.


In practice, Obamunism has resulted in:

Fight Obamunism and the NWOHuge increases in deficit spending and money-borrowing; in devaluation of the dollar; in massive private sector unemployment; in record home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies. It has increased Federal control over land usage, natural resources, energy production, individual property, and consumer prices. It produced: an unConstitutional government take-over of America’s private healthcare delivery system; a de facto blanket amnesty for foreign invaders who have not been caught committing “other” crimes; the infiltration of our government institutions by operatives of The Muslim Brotherhood; crony-capitalism on steroids; unsustainable national debt; an inept, erratic, and Islamist-favoring foreign policy.



One Response to “Obamunism is a blend of fascism and cultural marxism”

  1. vernonpope said

    Quite an interesting read. My wife sent me the link to this (calling attention to your “Sheeple” pic) to tell me that your blog reads like something I’d have written. I’m inclined to agree.

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