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RACISM is the BELIEF that a particular racial group (typically one’s own) is inherently superior (in every way) to any other racial group, or—conversely—that a particular racial group is inherently inferior (in every way) to other races.  This BELIEF is a founding tenet of some religions (see: Black Racism and the myth of Yakub).

To varying degrees, all human beings have a proclivity for affiliating with other human beings who “look” (and sound, and act) like they do; it’s a natural instinct.  But, RACISM as “I’ve” defined it above, is “taught”; and it contains the element of collective narcissism.   [Valid self-esteem is based solely upon an individual’s actions, achievement, integrity, and moral character; “self-esteem” has nothing to do with the achievements, “sins”—or experiences—of one’s racial ancestors.]

MODERN RACISM is a form of collectivism: whereby an individual’s sense of self (identity) is dependent-upon (and inseparable from) the social status and/or history of the racial group into which he or she was born; instead of one’s sense of self being based solely in one’s  individuality.

Another crucial concept in understanding “modern racism” is that there is a meaningful difference between race and culture.  Although an individual cannot choose his/her race (it’s predetermined at birth), an individual who lives in a “free society” can choose his or her own cultural identity (the values, beliefs, language, and behavior one subscribes to).

see also:
Black Racism Page
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Like the words: “homophobia”, “hate“, and “Islamophobia”, the word “racist” has become so misused and abused by political activists—and by the liberal-dominated media—that it no longer has any universal meaning in common usage.

In the video below, Martin J. Willett discusses the modern usage of the word “racist”:

Profiling vs Racism

by Walter E Williams

Walter E Williams “…God would never racially profile, because he knows everything, including who is a criminal or terrorist. We humans are not gods; therefore, we must often base our decisions on guesses and hunches. It turns out that easily observed physical characteristics, such as race, are highly interconnected with other characteristics less easily observed.

For most blacks to own up to the high crime rate among blacks is a source of considerable discomfort…” (read the rest of his insightful article)


Below is a great interview with Dinesh D’Souza discussing the controversy surrounding his book The End of Racism, and discussing what he terms “rational discrimination”:

(continued on PAGE 2)


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