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Archive for January, 2012

It’s “Islamonausea”–Not Islamo”phobia”

Posted by Lech Dharma on January 31, 2012

Excerpts from a great article about using a more concise and descriptive term—like Islamonausia—rather than using the specious term that Jihadis invented.

“As in many other nauseating situations, Islamonausea is a normal and natural reaction to something abnormal—not vice versa.

The nausea reflex is innate, and it is biologically natural and healthy to experience emotional and bodily discomfort with anything that is unpleasant, unhealthy or harmful.

There is nothing phobic or racist in feeling nausea when hearing about the Islamic massacres performed by Muhammad and his many devout copycats through history and all over the world today. The same goes for Muhammad’s sexual relationship with a nine-year old girl, and the cutting off of limbs and stonings in the name of Allah and his Sharia laws.

Thinking of Muslims’ epidemic practice of forced inbreeding (which damages intelligence and increases the risk of psychiatric diseases) — often many generations in a row — one may also experience unpleasant feelings in the abdomen. There is also no shame in feeling nausea when hearing about the extreme social control, violence and murderous examples made to keep and scare hundreds of millions of their women from enjoying their human rights to chose their own sexual partners, clothing and lifestyle.”

read the article at Islamonausea, Not Islamophobia | EuropeNews.


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The True Face of Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Lech Dharma on January 31, 2012

The hooligan 1% of the 99% were at it again in Oakland—one of the twin cities of The People’s Bay Area Republic—across the Bay from Pelosi City.

…The protestors refused to heed calls by police to back off and began to tear down barricades, destroy construction equipment and fencing, while refusing to disperse. Several hundred protestors then marched to the Oakland Museum of California where there were more arrests as the police tried to protect the priceless artifacts from potential vandalism.
Given what happened next, they were right to do so.
The mob moved on to City Hall where the protestors say they found a door ajar – which sounds fantastical – and police say the demonstrators broke in. A video purportedly shows an OWS demonstrator using a crowbar to pry the door open.

There is no argument about what happened when the protestors got inside the building.

A more than century-old architectural model of City Hall was damaged in its display case, electrical wires were cut, soda machines thrown to the floor, graffiti was sprayed on the walls, other display cases were smashed, windows were broken – a demonstration of lawlessness and lack of respect for property that even has some OWS leaders around the country saying it probably wasn’t a good idea…

read the rest @ The True Face of Occupy Wall Street | David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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