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Bill Whittle explains why sequestration “hurts”

Posted by Lech Dharma on April 12, 2013

Low-information voters in America are deliberately kept disoriented about the meaningful difference between tax cuts and tax rate cuts. Likewise, they are intentionally kept in the dark about the difference between cuts in government spending and cuts in the annual growth rate of government spending.

“Sequestration”—a mandatory 2.3% cut in the INCREASE of runaway federal spending—is now being wielded by the Obama Regime as a tool of political punishment:  against the average American. 


Instead of cutting 2.3% of the massive waste and crony-investment (think Solyndra, Fisker, et al) of the Obama Regime—or curbing his elitist lifestyle—Obama wants to teach the “American hoi polloi” a lesson.


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