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The Nazi-inspired “Swedish Rules”: Deceiving the Public

Posted by Lech Dharma on July 29, 2013

A very interesting read on the role that the Media plays in promoting the New World Order of a one world government,  global corporatism, and “multicultural collectivism.”

an excerpt from: The “Swedish (BBC) Rules”: A Nazi-designed Reality

“…An individual’s political rise is not a function of a Common Good of a people, a nation, or a country, but a sum of the deals he’s made with various interest groups, on how he will manipulate policy, law, and public finance, to their immediate advantage. An atomised society of Narcissists can be no match for the influence of those bound by money.

The sheer obsession with Racism by media in formerly White countries is an indicator of the degree to which global elites consider White Consciousness the ultimate threat to globalisation; a fear so deep, they dare not even mention it by name in private. They prefer to speak of “right wingers” or “nativists” or “reactionaries” than of anything where the word “White” might figure. This goes for both their public analysis of Globalisation’s “friction,” and for intimate discussions with their lovely spouses.

This relationship between these elites, their globalist agenda, and the media conglomerates at their disposal, has spawned curious policies across the entire White world. Known as the “Swedish Rules,” these are informal agreements between a nation’s leading media conglomerates to avoid or phase out the mention of Non Whites in relation to violent crime such as assaults, battery, and rape. These rules  apply to countries where racisms is a legally protected belief (America, Russia), as well as those where  it has been criminalised (European Continent, Commonwealth)…”

Read this great article exposing the unholy alliance between mass media, big government, and the Davos elitists.

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