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Putting the Sandy Hook into American Citizens

Posted by Lech Dharma on February 5, 2013

Once a person stops reacting emotionally to an insane massacre of children and innocents—like the one at Sandy Hook—and begins to think rationally, one should be able to realize that the new gun regulations now being advanced will do nothing to prevent future massacres.

A new regulation—PLACED ON ALL CITIZENS—to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines will do NOTHING to prevent madmen, ghetto trash, and terrorists—who actually perpetrate such heinous acts against children and innocents—from committing similar mayhem in the future.  NOTHING.  NADA.  ZIP.

(Did Timothy McVeigh use a high-capacity magazine at the Murrah building in OK City?  What size magazines did the 9-11 terrorists use with their box cutters?  Should government limit the capacity of fuel tanks in commercial airplanes because they’ve now been used as a weapon to kill thousands of people?)

The same reasoning is true of a proposed law that would force EVERY AMERICAN gun owner to register his/her guns with the Federal Government.  Such a law would do nothing to make children and innocents “safer” from murderous trash.  NOTHING.  NADA.  ZIP.

(A registered gun can kill a child or innocent just as effectively as a non-registered gun. Besides, which…murderous madmen, ghetto rats, and terrorists don’t obey existing laws, anway.)

So, what’s REALLY going on here?

Why are these laws being advanced in the wake of a tragedy like “Sandy Hook”, if they would do nothing to prevent another massacre?

Any politician who now advocates for more restrictive gun laws on ALL AMERICANS (i.e. magazine capacity, rifle style, legal amount of ammunition, or mandatory federal registration) either:

  • does not understand human nature, and the criminal mind,   or

  • is merely vote-pandering to mindless, bleeding-heart liberals   or

  • has some unspoken agenda for wanting to make it more difficult for the average  American citizen to effectively defend him or her self in the future.

For example: in case a “progressive” government ever got into power and attempted to legislate—and then enforce—unConstitutional and unAmerican gun laws.

2nd Amendment question

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