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EPA drones?: I hope you Greenies are happy now!

Posted by Lech Dharma on June 4, 2012

American patriots understood the assault on individual freedom and prosperity—and States’ Rights—when “citizen of the world” (and NWO quisling) Pres. Obama gave unprecedented regulatory and enforcement power to the EPA and other Federal agencies.

Under the doublespeak umbrella of “sustainability“—which sends a tingle up the legs of envirotarians whenever they hear it—One World Government is advancing its totalitarian agenda:  complete control over human behavior

Obviously, as freedom-loving people begin living with the consequences of the advance of UN Agenda 21 into their communities, there will be resistance.  So, the quisling ObamaNation government will need to keep American citizens closely-watched and controlled.

But, hey, what’s a little sacrifice of every American’s liberty, and privacy, and property rights, and individual prosperity—compared to “saving the planet“—right, Greenies?

Typical Greenie Obamaton applauds Agenda 21 (language warning)

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