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The Forces of Evil are converging in Brazil again

Posted by Lech Dharma on May 20, 2012

Twenty years after they unveiled their insidious plot to rule the world (by controlling all land usage, natural resources, and energy production), the “Boyz from Brazil” are returning to Rio to confer on how to “institutionalize” (and enforce) their totalitarian scheme: UN Agenda 21   

Agenda 21 is the invention of an evil orwellian alliance that seeks to create a global collective (of “world citizens”) that will be ruled by a single “international” regulatory, administrative, and enforcement authority. In order to gain activist support from the usual “useful idiots”, the progenitors of Agenda 21 have championed “sustainable development” as the way to achieve “social equity”, “economic justice”—and “climate justice” (whatever the hell that is)—throughout the world.   KUMBAYA!

Of course, implementation of Agenda 21—and “sustainability”—will necessarily eradicate such “non-progressive” concepts as national sovereignty, individual liberty, and personal property rights.  “But, dammit man, we’ve got to save the planet—and “re-engineer” the human race—before it’s too late!”

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