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“Islamophobia” simply means you understand the goal of Islam and want to stop it

Posted by Lech Dharma on April 24, 2012

If your elected Representative is NOT an “Islamophobe”, then you need to elect a new Representative.  He or she is not representing your best interests.  If the leader of your nation is not acting to prevent further Islamic Expansion into your country, replace him or her.

Understanding and speaking-out against the totalitarian aspect of Islam—or objectively examining the religious doctrine of Islam—is not based in “hatred” or racism; nor is it based in irrational fear.  Was the concern of American Indians about railroad tracks advancing across the Western Plains an irrational fear?

“Islamophobia” is actually a word that was invented by The Muslim Brotherhood—to stigmatize anyone that speaks-out about the totalitarian goal of  fundamental Islam: which is to establish a global caliphate that will replace democracy and individual freedoms with enforcement of Shariah Law.

Pan-Islamists are already laying down railroad tracks from Mecca to your home town.

An “Islamaphobe” is simply someone who understands the global goal of Islam, wants to preserve his/her individual freedoms and traditional national culture, and is actively working to prevent Islamic Expansionism (the Third Jihad).

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