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» Patton: When Common Sense Becomes Controversial » Commentary — GOPUSA

Posted by Lech Dharma on February 28, 2012

Common sense Conservative minds think alike.

excerpted from
When Common Sense Becomes Controversial
by Doug Patton

“…the vast majority of colleges and universities are liberal incubators that destroy a student’s faith and crush his or her individual ability to think anything but politically correct liberal thoughts. Sixty-two percent was the staggering figure Santorum quoted for the number of students who enter a major college or university with a Christian faith — and leave without one.

Faith in government to replace faith in God? No wonder Barack Obama wants everyone to go to college.

George Stephanopoulos, David Gregory and their clique of overpaid media elites will oppose any candidate who dares to point out that a reverence for life and for monogamous, heterosexual marriage, devoted to the raising of children and the fostering of a strong family life, is preferable to the wreckage brought upon our culture by the sexual revolution, which has given us illegitimacy, STDs, abortion, divorce and poverty…”

» Patton: When Common Sense Becomes Controversial » Commentary — GOPUSA.

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