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Posted by Lech Dharma on February 27, 2012

VIDEO: After several robberies, Lakewood, CO store owner takes matters into his own hands, and shoots one of the assailants in the leg. The “Make My Day” law needs to be extended to businesses as well!

FOX31 Denver

[ooyala code=”lrdHJsMzp7Pm5BvVOJHTtLKB_xAPLse9″]

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A botched robbery sends a would-be criminal to the hospital after the store owner takes matters into his own hands.

At 7:00 pm Saturday night, two would-be robbers walked into the Cambio de Cheques at 7001 West Colfax in Lakewood, sprayed mace in the face of the store’s owner, Yong Pak, and demanded money.

According to police, Pak grabbed his own gun and fired it at one of the suspects hitting him in the leg. The suspect suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Neighboring businesses tell FOX31 Denver, the owner of the check cashing store has been robbed three times over the past few months and last night the store’s owner finally had enough.

“I know he’s been robbed a couple of times,” says Cory Riggs, owner of Unchain The Game Ltd. “One time he had someone waiting for him as he got out of his car…

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