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Why is America’s government STILL acting like “man-made global warming” is real?

Posted by Lech Dharma on February 20, 2012

In order for it to make any sense for our government to invest taxpayer dollars in “green alternatives” (to coal-fired electrical generation) we must first accept that CO2 is a “global warming” gas, and that mankind’s contribution to the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere ISN’T negligible.

excerpts from:

The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science
Posted by Daniel Greenfield on Feb 20th, 2012

“…Scientific debates have often had big stakes for human philosophy, but Global Warming is one of the few whose real world implications are as big as its philosophical consequences. At stake is nothing less than the question of whether the human presence on earth is a blight or a blessing, and whether every person must be tightly regulated by a global governance mechanism for the sake of saving the planet.

The Warmists have pushed their agenda through with alarmist claims and hysteria. They have flown jets around the world to argue that everyone must be taxed for their carbon footprint. They have smeared and intimidated anyone who stood up to them. That is not the behavior of people arguing over numbers. It’s a battle of much larger ideas.
Like Wall Street, Global Warming has gotten too big to fail. Too many prominent names have committed to it. Too many serious people have nodded their heads and accepted it as an obvious truth, who would be unacceptably embarrassed if it were proven that the whole thing was nothing more than a giant prank. Too many business leaders and governments have invested serious money into it to just shake it off. And much of American and European policy-making is now routed through Global Warming…”

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