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Obama Shamelessly Pandering for Votes Again

Posted by Lech Dharma on February 7, 2012

Why is this so hard for liberals and Dimocrats to comprehend?:

America has long-standing immigration laws that determine under what conditions a foreign-born person can legally enter our country, and under what conditions they can legally remain here. This is nothing new.

Individuals who ignore or disrespect those laws are foreign criminals—NOT “immigrants.”

Administration names official advocate for illegal immigrants
By Stephen Dinan  Washington Times

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced a new “public advocate” charged with listening to immigrants’ concerns about its law enforcement policies — but Republicans said the position amounts to an official mouthpiece for illegal immigrants being deported.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the advocate will “serve as a point of contact for individuals, including those in immigration proceedings, NGOs and other community and advocacy groups, who have concerns, questions, recommendations or other issues they would like to raise…”

Why doesn’t Obama try appointing an advocate for the concerns of patriotic AMERICANS?

read the rest of the article: Administration names official advocate for illegal immigrants – Washington Times.

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