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“Talk is cheap”; but soon, talking on your cell phone won’t be.

Posted by Lech Dharma on February 1, 2012

FCC Adopts Sweeping USF and ICC Reforms

Hang onto your wallets, the FCC is out to redistribute your wealth, in order to “Connect America” in “underserved” areas—rather than let private industry invest their own risk capital in certain market areas.

“…Pending release of the full text of the order, the FCC released an executive summary detailing the key reforms, including the creation of a Connect America Fund (“CAF”). The CAF will disburse approximately $4.5 billion per year in high-cost support to subsidize broadband deployment to homes, businesses, and community anchor institutions located in underserved areas. CAF funding would come from a gradual phase out of subsidies for traditional landline phone services. CAF funding will proceed in two phases, with service providers receiving $300 million for immediate broadband build-out projects beginning in 2012. Providers receiving funding in the first round of CAF funding must meet specific build-out milestones and provide service exceeding certain speed requirements. The exact details of phase two CAF funding will be developed through a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will accompany the order and will include competitive bidding for USF funding and payments based on proposed cost models included in the Further Notice…”

read the rest: http://www.tmtlawwatch.com/2011/11/articles/fcc-adopts-sweeping-usf-and-icc-reforms/

One Response to ““Talk is cheap”; but soon, talking on your cell phone won’t be.”

  1. How true! The government is on a state and panic and drastic measures that they are looking for various ways to earn more money and increase budget, To the point were they are arriving on uncivil and reasonable acts just to get the job done.

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