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A complacent “reactive” foreign policy—or a morally “pro-active” foreign policy: which one is more “American”?

Posted by Lech Dharma on January 12, 2012

In the video below, Ronald Reagan expertly articulates the “moral duty” philosophy of American Conservativism, as it relates to the use of military intervention in foreign policy.  At the time of this speech (Goldwater’s 1964 campaign), Reagan was speaking about defeating the expansion of communist totalitarianism; but the expansion of Islamo Fascism throughout today’s world is just as evil.

Our current President has adopted a foreign policy stance of “apology, appeasement, accomodation, and withdrawal” in the Muslim Middle East and in Eastern Europe.   Now, one of the front runners for the GOP nomination is advancing the notion that America’s foreign policy stance—especially with regards to the turbulent Middle East—should be one of “non-interventionism” and withdrawal; along with the closing of our strategic military bases around the world (until America itself is attacked—again).

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