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Department of Homeland Security Targets Free Speech | Ole Glory News

Posted by Lech Dharma on January 10, 2012

By: Stacy Coleman
January 10, 2012

They are chipping away at our God given constitutionally guaranteed rights again through the Department of Homeland Security. This focuses on Journalists out there on news web sites, like you are reading now. This can also and has already spilled over to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Ask yourself, can other internet based sites be far behind?

“What this ruling actually did, was open the door to squash anything that they deem objectionable in content. By this decision, it makes it possible to completely remove our rights to say what we feel no matter what the subject matter. This ruling has already paved the way to remove a very popular web site from the internet.”

Read the rest of this chilling article:
Department of Homeland Security Targets Free Speech | Ole Glory News.

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